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Discounted Sessions

I strongly believe that counselling should be accessible to everyone. For that reason, Healing Roots offers concessionary rates on in-person, video and telephone counselling for people on low income or those struggling financially. There are two different discounts:


  • Student Discount (for students 18+ in full-time education).

  • Low Income Discount (for those receiving government-granted benefits such as Universal Credit, or those on sick leave from work).

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Low Income

Student Discount

£5 off sessions (£45 instead of £50). For those in full-time education and can be accessed through booking as normal - you just need to mention that you would like the discount and provide evidence of your full-time, student status (such as your letter of enrollment). Student ID cards are not accepted unless dated and evidence that you are a full-time, not part-time, student.

Low Income Discount

£20 off sessions (£30 instead of £50). To ensure I can afford to keep the lights on and continue to run my practice, there is a simple system on which the Low Income Discount operates. Firstly, discounted sessions are only available Thursdays between 12pm - 3pm. Secondly, only one person is able to access this discount at a time, meaning that there is a waitlist. How the whole process works is simple:

1. Get in touch. You must be able to provide up-to-date proof that you are either on benefits or long-term sick leave from work.

2. You will be given an estimated start date and asked if you would like to join the wait list (if there is one).

3. If you've been on the wait list, you will be contacted one week before your sessions can start to ensure you still want counselling. You will then get access to 6 discounted sessions. These sessions must be had weekly.

4. If, after six sessions you wish to continue counselling, you have two options. (1) Start paying full price, the frequency of sessions can be reduced to fit your budget. Or (2) Go back on the waiting list. This is something that we can discuss nearer the end of your sessions so that we can find an option to suit you.

Cost of Living
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